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Winter Wardrobe Challenge

Updated: Jan 4

Are you looking to elevate your style? Maybe you're feeling a bit overwhelmed about what to wear, how to wear it, and how to get organized.

Beginning January 8th, I'll be hosting a Winter Wardrobe Challenge just for you!

During this challenge (which is free!!), you will:

  1. Discover your personal style

  2. Edit and organize your closet

  3. Begin to build a wardrobe you love

Each week, I'll be posting 1-2 challenges for you to accomplish before the next week. We'll focus on goals that are attainable, not overwhelming.

What Do I Need For This Challenge?

Just yourself, with an open mind! You really have everything you need at home, but you might consider investing in some quality flocked slim hangers. They are less bulky than regular plastic and don't tear up your clothes like wire hangers. Here are some of my favorites! If you have the space, a rolling, foldable clothing rack comes in handy as well. It can really help you sort and organize your clothing as we go through the challenge. I have two of these and really love them!

I encourage you to join our VIP Facebook Group where we will be sharing our challenges, ideas, and photos!

Are you looking for personalized or one on one help getting styled? Check out my Wardrobe Consulting page for all services!

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