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Welcome to the blog space of Fashionabella/Styled by Jessica! This has been on my to do list for awhile, so I'm very happy to finally get it up and running!

I was a mom blogger many [many] years ago, but juggling a blog + being a wife + being a mom to 2 very young kiddos + running a business was just too challenging for me, so I let the blog go. Now that I'm in a very different stage of life, I'm excited to get back to writing and sharing about my favorite!

I've been a lover of fashion and style since I was a young girl. I remember even as far back as 4th grade planning my outfits to wear to school! Through the years, my family and friends have come to me for help with clothes shopping, organizing closets, consigning clothing, styling for events and photos, etc.

I've had an online boutique for a few years, which is one creative outlet for me. I love finding unique, on trend pieces that stand out, that are well made, and that not everyone else is wearing! I've added bags and jewelry to the mix to form a complete boutique.

In 2021, while we were all still dealing with the pandemic, I had an acquaintance reach out asking me to put a look book together for an upcoming conference. One look book led to another, her referrals led to more look books, then I was asked to do closet edits...and my Wardrobe Consulting services emerged!

I love helping others find their style, get organized, and create a wardrobe they love. I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

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