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Wardrobe Organization Essentials

Updated: Jan 21

Having an organized closet and dresser is essential to my peace of mind. If my closet is disorganized then I can't find what I need quickly, which inevitably leads to frustration. At our old house in Texas, we were fortunate to have an amazing built in closet system with plenty of hanging space and drawers for me and my husband so it was easy to be organized.

Here in Tennessee, our closet is...weird. Not only is our closet tiny, has an odd shape which leads to quite a bit of wasted space. It's been a challenge to find ways to keep it from becoming a disaster area.

When I'm doing Closet Edits with my clients, not only am I helping to organize clothes, I also help organize the space to fit their lifestyle. I want to leave their homes with an organized closet space and organized clothing!

Trying to figure out what you need to organize a space can be overwhelming and time consuming, so I've put together a list of 'you must have these in your closet and drawers to feel organized' items.

Slim velvet hangers. These hangers make your closet look more uniform, and also help increase your hanging space. The velvet coating keeps your thinner, slinkier items from slipping off, too!

Pants hangers. If you have the drawer and shelf space, you can neatly fold your jeans and pants there for storage. But, we're lacking that in our closet so pant hangers like these are perfect. I love that I can just slip the pants over the rod (no clips!), but I can use the hangers vertically, which means I'm saving precious space!

Belt and scarf organizer This is a slim fit hanging system to organize your belts and scarves. If I can't see these accessories, I'll forget all about them, so I appreciate having them hanging in my line of sight.

Over the door shoe organizers are a great way to keep your shoes off the floor and out of the way.

If you have shelf space in your closet, consider getting some stackable acrylic bins to keep your nicer shoes, or the ones you don't wear very often stored away. And since they're clear, you can easily find the shoes you're looking for.

Command hooks. These are a must have in your closet. Honestly, they're a must have in your life! We use Command Hooks for everything. I love the bigger, metallic hooks because they're prettier and don't have such an industrial look. The hooks are excellent for handbags, your robe, pajamas, scarves, hats...the list is endless.

Drawer dividers are wonderful. They keep your intimates, socks, and other smaller pieces of clothing neatly organized so you can see them quickly.

I hope these items have given you some good ideas to get your space organized! There's no right or wrong way to do it; it really needs to fit your lifestyle.

Are you looking for personalized or one on one help getting styled? Check out my Wardrobe Consulting page for all services!

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