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Wardrobe Challenge Week 3

Welcome to this week's challenge! We're going to work on two things this week : finalizing your edit and doing some organization.

I'm a huge believer in being organized. It allows you to manage your time and energy efficiently,

After working with clients on their Closet Edits, I know that a messy, disorganized closet space is one of the biggest reasons they feel frustrated by their wardrobes. The good news is that's it easy to fix. I said easy, not quick! If your closet is messy and disorganized, expect to take a couple of hours, or even a few days, getting it set up efficiently.

Goal One : A Full Closet Edit

Last week, I challenged you to do a Quick Closet Edit. How did that go? If you were able to let go of items, you should be left with only your "maybe" pile.

The "maybe" pile can be the nuisances in your wardrobe. They might be the pieces that are "just okay" but you only reach for them because you don't have anything better.

They work, but you don't love them. You keep them for convenience sake.

Okay...let's get into that "maybe" pile and get real. Get rid of everything you don't love or need.

Answer these questions honestly:

  • Will I wear this?

  • Does it match my personal style?

  • Will I miss this if it's gone?

  • What's not quite right about it?

Try to articulate what about those pieces aren't working. Is it the fit, the color, the print? Or do you not feel good in it? Get rid of it.

Exception: only keep this piece if you NEED to wear it until you replace it with a better version. Make a note of it, because we'll be creating a wardrobe essentials checklist next week.

If you're on a weight loss journey and have a few items that currently don't fit well, keep them but take the out of your closet and store them somewhere else. No one wants to be reminded that their jeans are too tight. It's definitely not a great way to start the day.

Side note: I'm practicing what I preach here with the weight loss journey. I've recently gained a bit of weight (thanks hormones!) and all of my jeans and zip up pants are too small. I've taken them all out of my closet and put them in my dresser.

Make sure the pieces you keep are modern, fit your personal style, and are items that you actually want to wear.


You may not be able to finish this part in a week. That's ok. If it takes a few weeks, then that's how long it takes. I recommend setting up a time where you can be fully focused on finishing your edit.

If the sheer volume of your closet is overwhelming, consider bringing in someone to help like a friend, sister, or hire someone. Editing closets is one of my favorite things to do, so please reach out if you'd like to book a session!

If you're finding that you just can't get rid of anything, you have reason to keep your things, you're not ready to do this.

And that's ok. You're either in or out. I'm not here to convince my clients to get rid of things so I can take over and rebuild their wardrobe how I think it should be. But when you are ready, give me a call or come back to this challenge and start.

This Wardrobe Challenge is here whenever you're ready!

Goal Two : Organize Your Space

Once your space is organized and clean, you'll have a sense of clarity, which helps with creativity. Creating outfits won't seem so overwhelming when you can see what you have. Your closet needs to be tidy. It should bring a sense of calm, not chaos. It doesn't matter if you have a huge custom closet, or a single shelf and hanging bar, you need structure and organization.

Start by removing everything from your closet and give it a quick clean. Wipe your shelves, vacuum, throw away trash, old hangers, etc.

Next, only put back your clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. Your closet shouldn't be a storage room for blenders (yes, I've seen that!).

I shared my favorite organizing items to help get your closet set up efficiently. Be sure to find a place for everything. Hang up those clothes, get your handbags lined up or hung up together, and put your accessories in an easy to see spot.

Now that you've edited and organized your closet, I hope you're feeling a sense of calm and relief. If you need personalized help, please feel free to reach out for a consultation.

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