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Wardrobe Challenge Week 1

Updated: Jan 15

Welcome to Week 1 of our Wardrobe Challenge!

Your goal this week is to discover your personal style through inspiration. Most women really don't know what their style is, which is why they often have a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear! Frustrating, right? Finding your personal style is a huge element of being able to edit your wardrobe so don't skip this part!

The first step is to create a visual style board or inspiration photos. Think about your favorite style icons nd brands. What draws you to them? I'm always drawn to Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Hailey Beiber [yes, I know she's a baby, but she's got style for sure!], and Kate Hudson. I love the luxe brands like Zimmermann, Ulla Johnson, Johanna Ortiz, Veronica Beard, and the more affordable such as Free People and Anthropologie.

Once you create your style board, you'll begin to see a pattern and be able to start narrowing down what your personal style is.

Follow these steps to find your style!

  • Create a Personal Style Board - Log into Pinterest and create a new board called Personal Style.

  • Next, input various keywords like modern, classic, boho, romantic, etc. to bring up clothing ideas. Pin all the looks you like. Get at least 20-30 looks.

  • Next, go back through your board and only keep the pins you LOVE. You may have pinned a bunch of different styles, and that's ok. There's a difference between appreciating a style and one you actually want to wear. So only keep the pins that you'd be able to live in.

  • Feel free to share your board to our VIP Facebook group!

  • Here is my Style Board. I'd love to follow yours, so please share your board with me!

Now that you've narrowed down your Pinterest board, grab a piece of paper and start making a few lists of your dislikes, likes, and loves. Look through the photos you kept. Do you see cohesive elements?

  • Pants or skirts

  • Monochromatic or mixed prints

  • Silver or gold

  • Tailored or romantic

Here's my list...


  • Capris

  • Mixing prints

  • Logos on clothing, shoes and bags

  • Graphic t-shirts with silly quotes

  • Crew neck tops

  • Cowl neck tops


  • Turtlenecks

  • Neck scarves

  • Trench coats


  • Great fitting jeans

  • Wide leg trousers

  • Monochromatic colors

  • Boho, ultra feminine blouses

  • Gold jewelry

  • White sneakers

You might think you need to pick a style and commit to it. Not true! We're often told that we're either 'classic,' 'boho,' 'preppy,' or whatever. We need to pick a style and stay there, always.

But honestly, we're usually a combination of several styles.

I like elements of all styles.

I will never pass up a beautiful printed, romantic top. But I do not like mixing prints. I don't understand monogramming everything (even though I live in the south!), but I adore a structured well-made blazer.

I often feel like I resonate with a Modern - Boho style. I love the festival style of Boho, but like to mix it with distressed jeans and classic heels.

Now that you've narrowed down your style board, what style is resonating with you? Here are some styles to choose from.


Classic style is an umbrella term for a polished everyday style. This look combines the best of both worlds with a fashionably laid back sensibility for those that don’t want to look like they’re trying too hard. Classic styles usually involve clean lines, blazers, button up shirts, trousers, etc.

Modern / Fashion Forward

This style keeps a pulse on the latest trends. Think Parisian cool-girl-chic with elevated basics, that's timeless but not over the top. Fashion forward women usually make their style all their own. Modern styles usually have leather, distressed denim, animal prints, mixed in with classic florals, simple fitted tops, and classic heels.


This style is typically free-flowing with an effortless look. Also known as “boho” or “boho chic,” bohemian style borrows from the 1960’s hippie aesthetic and festival culture. The hallmarks of boho style are flowing maxi dresses, long skirts, bell-bottom pants, large brimmed hats, fringe, suede, and slouchy handbags.


The casual style is simply that...casual. But casual doesn't have to mean frumpy sweatpants and sweatshirts. Think classic jeans, comfortable T-shirts, and sneakers or flat boots.

Now that you've created and edited your style board, which style above most resonates with you? Questions about finding your style? Comment or message me!

Are you looking for personalized or one on one help getting styled? Check out my Wardrobe Consulting page for all services!

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