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Stylish Weekend Wear

I'm a fan of sweatshirts and joggers on the weekend...who doesn't want to be comfy when doing chores or running errands, right?

I always want to look put together, even when I'm in my comfies. I don't do it for anyone but myself. If I'm 'ready for the day' in an outfit I like, I feel better about myself.

Here's an adorable outfit to keep you comfy, yet super stylish! You can click on the photo to see all the details and save it.

This Aerie oversized sweatshirt is adorable. It comes in a variety of colors and gets wonderful reviews on their site! I don't shop at Aerie very often, but I do find their loungewear is great for the price point.

The Vuori Performance Joggers are a must have splurge in my opinon. Yes, when you see the price tag you'll probably gasp, but remember the Cost Per Wear formula. If you're wearing these joggers 2-3 times per week, the cost per wear is going to be about $5! Plus, Vuori is so well husband and I have several pairs of joggers from three years ago that are going strong.

I live in my Vans Ultrarange shoes. I have the solid white style, but I do love the black accents on these (adding to cart now!). They're very supportive and stylish.

I have the Lululemon belt bag and think it's great. It's so convenient to pop my drivers license, some cash or a credit card, my phone and some lipstick in it and be on my way. These bags have been selling out every time they push them to the website, so you may have to check back often!

I love to add a bit of classic style jewelry to any outfit, even the ultra casual. The roped hoops are so versatile; you can wear them any time. And how sweet is the heart necklace from Madewell??

What I love about this outfit is every piece can be used at some other time. I can think of 3-5 different ways to wear the sweatshirt, pants and shoes. Being able to re-wear your pieces multiple ways is key to creating a wardrobe that works for you every day.

Are you looking for personalized or one on one help getting styled? Check out my Wardrobe Consulting page for all services!

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